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A short guide for gentlemen beginning to book high class experiences with international muses

(and for those who found me in Social media)

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Read the Disclaimer below. Thanks

First time? Why to book a date with me, a high class companion?


I've read and hearded about some  gentlemen, new in the experience of dating with a high class companion to say that they don’t need to donate roses to have a date with a lady, that they are still young, good looking and  charming. That all women in a date...we are all the same.


Unfortunately, I should say that  it is a poor argument from unexperienced people. Some people  are not interested in donating roses for the time of someone. That people have the right to choose, if  they are looking for love or "sugaring", of course.  In that case, the game would be  different from a casual date and those relationships take time to be built. What happens when expectations are different?...someone wants to have fun for one night but the other part want to build a romantic or long term connection...the game doesn't end good for one of the players and it turns into a ruined experience. A typical free date from an app.  

To date with a high class companion is something different, a magical date  you can give to yourself from time to time. You can make a relationship of respect, trust and fun. Rules are clear and time is gold for both of us. No ulterior motives. We both know the steps to dance this tango.


It’s not about age or beauty. I’ve met gentlemen from their early 20’s to 70’s years old from different nationalities, professions, interests, hobbies, body types, colour of eyes and private preferences. More important for me is respect and kindness. 


To have a date with a high class companion is ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE. A GIFT FOR YOURSELF.  When you open the door, that first time, expectations are the same like when you are opening a gift from someone special. That someone special is you. 

Over the last years, the experience tourism is growing up worldwide. It’s becoming more common that  classy and frecuent travellers are looking for sophisticated experiences like wine & food dinner tours or another luxury tours.


As a high class companion I set every detail to make you experiment the best date ever. From a reservation in the best exclusive rooftop or restaurant to the bespoken game for private time.


I know how to find those interesting details from you very natural and fresh way: what would you like to do according to your personalilty.


That’s the difference between a typical date with a casual girl from a date app. Even when you get what you are looking for at the end of the night, questions are: 

- Was she the girl from the pictures?

- Was that date an unforgettable experience?

- Did that girl make you feel out of this world?


Most of times, the answer is “no”.


I like to be spoiled ( with perfumes, chocolates, trips) but the main character of this film is you. What you like, what you want to do. There is no wasted time in uncertain flirting,  uncomfortable silences or gazes. My atention is focus on our experience. Everything will flow natural. I’m an empathycal girl and the special connection you will feel inside is part of my Luxury Latin Girlfriend Experience.


I'm a well travelled and educated companion. Companions like me,  we are trained in many issues to make you feel out of this world. I can talk about politics, economy, art, fishing and so on. Some other girls are specialized  in other interests like dancing, adult films and so on. No matters the profile we have,  we are looking for the best for you in what we do. Last lessons I took were in professional relaxing massage tecniques, for example (for those travellers tired after a Patagonian Hiking or a long  day of meetings). 

In a few words, this will be the best exclusive and luxury real date you can have, focus on you. I’m the girl who will find all the best from you and for you, like a boomerang experience. 


So, when travellers say that they don’t need a high class companion I think that they don’t take themselves seriously and that they  are not real experimented men (or succesful businessmen). Adult entertainment industry is a huge and powerful industry beyond those comments. 


At last, cheap or free options could turn out more expensive. And those app dates can become into a waste of time in your only free night in Buenos Aires…Smart gentlemen don't waste time in uncertain choices. 


I like to date with successful businessmen. I’m a luxury bilingual postgraduated companion who want to spend the best quality time with smart gentlemen. Life is a game, let’s play safe and discreetly.  We deserve all the best.


So, what are you truly looking for, Mr. Stanger?


Text me


Summer kisses


Lola hipster




Introduce yourself with relevant information, please. This introduction could be an example:


“Hi Lola, I’m John Doe from London, I’m 55 years old. I will be in Buenos Aires on  business next week. I’ll stay at Hilton in Puerto Madero neighbourhood.  I saw your ad in Top Babes, Eurogirls, City of Love(the name of the website) I’d like to have an appointment with you next Thursday  for  dinner / drinks in some rooftop / a discreet glass  of wine in my hotel bar. Will you be available for 3 hours date?


To take bookings I’ll make a verification call to your hotel room the same day of our appointment to verify you are in the country and you are a real gentleman, not a fake stranger online looking for free pictures or sexting. I receive many fake proposals by day. Thanks for understanding me.


I don’t make a screening process in Argentina.  I just go to 4 or 5 stars hotels for my own safety. Otherwise, if you want me to visit you at your own place, I should make a verification process (screening) with information like full name, LinkedIn, Social Media, references and verification calls.

I know how is the international booking process in different countries. Other upscale companions like me,  have strong or light screenings, according to the country and kind of appointment.


My donation is 200 usd p/hour in Argentina because I accept booking from 2 hours date (400 usd), at least. I provide a luxury experience not a mechanical date. I can make exception if you want to spend  time with me but you are in a rush  because you are travelling with colleagues, even though the rate will be the same: 400usd for 1 hour. Donation will be higher if you need extra services.


I don’t accept videocalls, whatsapp calls from strangers. Just for those special gentlemen I met before.  


I don’t show my face because of my public profile and to protect your privacy in public places.

Before the first contact

It’s not allowed the following behaviour described in the following phrases I usually receive. I should block your contact if I consider you are not serious and being respectful. The following contact should be by e-mail after being blocked if you are still interested and there was a misunderstanding: 



Introduce yourself properly, please. I just reply interesting introductions. 


"Do you like 69 position?"

I don’t reply questions with sexual content.  Read the disclaimer at the end of this section. Thanks

"How much for all night babe? I give you 500"

My hour donation is shown in my ads. Read the disclaimer at the end of this section. Thanks


"Do you like sex without condom?"

I don’t reply questions with sexual content.  Anyway, I recommend people to have healthy casual private time.  A safe game. We are smart people.Read the disclaimer at the end of this section. Thanks


"I’m in TangoTangox hotel. Can you come here in half an hour for 1 hour. How much is it  for 1 hour?"

I set appointments from 2 hours date, at least, one hour before the time you want to book me (if I’m available that night). Bookings in advance are appreciated. My donation is shown in my ads. Read the disclaimer at the end of this section. Thanks



"Can you send me more pictures babe? I want to see your face"

I don’t send private pictures or do sexting. I don’t accept videocalls, whatsapp calls from strangers. My face is not shown because of my public profile and to protect your privacy in public places.


"I’m staying in an airbnb with friends. Can you visit me?"

I take appointments in safe places. I make just the verification call to hotels and ask for some basic contact information.  If  I consider you are trustable after the first introduction and you want me to visit to your place before social time in a restaurant, please send me all the complete information (full name, linkedin, social media and references from other companions. I might make a verification call. Security guard at the entrance of the building is required ). Read the disclaimer at the end of this section. Thanks


Thanks for reading so far. I know that experimented gentlemen know how to treat an upscale companion. And for those who are new in this experience of companionship, thanks for you respect in advance.



Money exchanged in legal adult personal services is simply for the time expended in the delivery of companionship. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal preference between adults of legal age and are not contracted for, not is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. Fees charged are for the  time spent only, for my companionship.  By contacting me in any way, you hereby agree that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using this advertisement for entrapment or arrest.


Lola hipster 

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